Road trips foster a winning environment to create lasting memories with friends and family.

They also take an immense amount of planning to ensure a safe and successful journey. New electric vehicles with longer ranges are capable of traveling farther on a full charge and lucky for drivers, advancements in EV technology pave the way for evolution in the accessories that make life on the road more enjoyable. Planning an EV road trip is easier with luxury accouterments like pre-departure route tracking for charge stations, charging accessories, and even items designed for comfort.

With the days of maps and handwritten turn-by-turn directions behind us, EV manufacturers and third-party companies install accurate route planners that recommend specific charge station locations along the way to your destination. Smart route planners go so far as to include specific model information, such as year and trim, to take battery size and range into consideration when mapping out the most efficient drive. The EV specialists at Tesla introduced the Go Anywhere feature to its website for all owners — just enter any destination and see how Tesla can take you there.

Tesla Motors

Now that you have the perfect plan in place to start your EV road trip, it’s time to prep your vehicle to take on the adventure of a lifetime. Aside from checking the normal areas like tire pressure, coolant, and windshield washer fluid, the most important task is obtaining a full charge for departure. Secondary at-home charging options have become readily available for a range of EVs, setting aside the slower Level 1 120-volt wall charger. Upgrading your home charge station to a Level 2 unit has never been easier with the help of a local electrician, decreasing your total charge time dramatically. Any home holds the ability to receive a charging unit upgrade from industry-leading brands like Tesla and Charge Point.

The art of enjoying time on the road starts with comfort, surrounding yourself with quality accessories to create a home away from home. From foldable seat-back trays with phone chargers to universal inflatable in-car air mattresses, the professionals at The EV Shop specialize in creating the best electric vehicle road trip accessories at the hands of actual EV owners. Completely transforming a standard EV interior configuration into an actual living space allows for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With a few new tips and recommendations, hit the open road in an EV for your next road trip.

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