A piece of one of the world’s best car collections could be yours.

At this point, Jay Leno is known for his car collection just about as well as he is for his career as a comedian. With some of the world’s most legendary cars in his garage, Jay Leno, and his Jay Leno’s Garage show have become a true hallmark of car culture. That’s why Hot Wheels, another hallmark of car culture and many car enthusiasts’ first introduction to the automotive lifestyle is collaborating with Jay Leno’s Garage by making the latest Hot Wheels Car Culture set the Jay Leno’s Garage Car Culture Set, complete with five icons from his immense and celebrated collection.

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The collection features a Mercedes-Benz 300SL, a McLaren F1, a Lamborghini Countach, a Chevrolet Corvair, and the “Tank Car,” which looks like a fictional Hot Wheels staple, but is a real car that can sometimes be seen on the road. The Hot Wheels Jay Leno’s Garage Car Culture set is available for car enthusiasts to enjoy for $47.99, and it’s an important celebration of one of the automotive world’s greatest legends.

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Source: Instagram/Hot Wheels