The Electrikhana film was the culmination of tons of hard work, engineering, and talent.

Ken Block is one great driver. However, it took much more than just him and his skills behind the wheel to bring a project like Electrikhana together, and with a new video published by Audi called The journey to Electrikhana, we can have a behind-the-scenes look at everything it took to get to this incredible point with the car, from development to filming, which helps us understand just how great the car, the driver, and the stunts they pulled really were.

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We already know that the development of the Audi S1 Hoonitron was intense and expensive, as the Hoonigan-estimated value of $12 million makes it the most expensive car in Gymkhana history. However, there’s much more to the story than just the cost. It serves as both an Homage to the S1 Quattro that dominated at Pikes Peak in the 1980s and also brings its racing glory, legacy, and performance philosophy into the future. With the short wheelbase and need for the center of gravity to be in the front in order to effectively drift, positioning the battery required a unique solution, and the results were well worth the hard work. What came of it was one of the greatest Gymkhana films yet, and for Ken Block and Audi’s partnership, hopefully, there’s more to come.

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Source: YouTube/Audi