Jay Leno and Aston Martin get Danica Patrick back on track.

Danica Patrick, who is now retired from racing, had an incredible career as one of the most successful women in the sport. In her first appearance at the Indy 500, she was the first woman to lead the race, and her success as an Indycar and Nascar driver continued from there. However, her racing days are long gone, and her current pursuit is a winery that she is passionate about. But that doesn’t mean her skills are all gone, and if there’s one celebrity car enthusiast and one brand that are important enough to get Danica Patrick to suit up and drive again, it’s got to be Jay Leno and Aston Martin.

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The car was the Aston Martin Vulcan, and the track was Willow Springs International Raceway in Southern California. Behind the wheel, Danica Patrick talked about the fact that she hasn’t been behind the wheel of a race car since 2018 but was nonetheless impressed by the Vulcan despite her retiring from racing to focus on the winery that she has owned since 2009. Leno comments on the fact that she’s still very skilled with the car and that the power and dynamism of the Vulcan can only be truly handled and appreciated by a professional. After this experience, Danica Patrick even said she would consider driving on the track more often again, and without a doubt, a seasoned driver like her would be welcome.

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Source: YouTube/Jay Leno's Garage