Jay Leno gets to experience a different kind of hypercar.

Jay Leno is one of the world’s most prolific car collectors and enthusiasts, and he’s driven some of the most incredible cars in the world when it comes to luxury, performance, speed, and innovation. Needless to say, he’s hard to impress. But Czinger Vehicles and its founder and CEO, Kevin Czinger, were able to deliver a hypercar experience to Jay Leno that was unique to Czinger’s 21C hypercar. The brand, based in Los Angeles, made the 21C a car that’s different in lots of ways, but especially how it’s built and designed.

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The design and engineering of the car were a unique collaboration between humans and AI, and the car uses lots of 3D-printed components. Doing this allowed Czinger to pursue pure performance, with an incredible 0-60 time of fewer than two seconds and a top speed that reaches world-class hypercar numbers. Jay Leno even commented on the fact that the Czinger feels like a fighter plane to drive, and besides the performance, that might be because of the car’s unique seating arrangement, designed with the purpose of optimizing aerodynamics, putting the passenger’s seat behind the driver’s. While the Czinger 21C might not be able to take flight, its performance and innovation reach soaring heights.

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Source: Jay Leno's Garage