Nico visits RIMAC HQ in Zagreb to pick up the first Nevera customer chassis.

Ever since its humble beginnings as small-batch hypercar developer, RIMAC continued to gain traction with the Nevera project and its promises of astonishing performance using state-of-the-art technology. While most of the Nevera’s characteristics stay true to its original sketches, the company itself took on significant changes with the new Bugatti RIMAC name. Additionally, Bugatti RIMAC also happily welcomed outside investors that include Goldman Sachs, Porsche, and SoftBank. After 11 years of engineering behind closed, the RIMAC Nevera is finally proud to be in full production with a long list of 150 excited to clients awaiting delivery day. Bugatti RIMAC is proud to deliver the first customer Nevera chassis to former German-Finnish racing driver Nico Rosberg, who documented his delivery day at the headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia on his YouTube channel.

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Nico began the day with a facility tour from the CEO of Bugatti Rimac Mate Rimac, discussing the brand's progression, inspiration, and future in the automotive world. Giving Nico the honors of counting down the reveal, all were in attendance to see the showcase of his stealthy all-black Rimac Nevera. As part of the delivery process, Mate and Nico both signed the official Rimac welcome package that also includes the set of keys. Nico takes a seat in the Nevera for a quick tutorial of the interior and some of its unique features, like the foldable display screen, electronic seat settings, and track camera system. Now that Nico Rosberg holds the Rimac Nevera in his possession, we are definitely excited to see some of the new content he creates behind the wheel of the all-new hypercar. Watch Nico Rosberg take delivery of his new Rimac Nevera by clicking on the video link above. Check back into duPont REGISTRY for more upcoming luxury lifestyle and hypercar news.

Source: Nico Rosberg YouTube