Mercedes-AMG teams up with one of the most avant-garde celebrities in the automotive sense. is known for his musical endeavors, especially with the Black Eyed Peas, but many of us car enthusiasts know him for his collection of off-the-wall automobiles, like his custom DeLorean or his heavily modified Tesla Model S. Employing his unique vision to create a project car that even just the teaser images make clear is something we’ve never seen before, Mercedes-AMG has partnered with the musician to create quite the interesting project car.

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What we can tell from the dimly lit teaser images of this upcoming car is that it is a front-engined coupe with suicide doors, retro-inspired wheels, panoramic glass roof pieces across each side, and most interestingly, a front end that looks as though it came off of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. As with any of’s automotive creations, this new car is sure to be interesting. While we still have to wait for its reveal on May 5, we can say without a doubt that this new car is going to be a conversation piece.

Source: Instagram/Mercedes-AMG