The Spider-Man star’s reaction to the Taycan’s performance was no act.

Actor Tom Holland is no stranger to a nice car. Having recently purchased a Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV, he certainly has a taste for vehicles that deliver luxury and performance, so when Porsche took him to the Porsche Experience Center at Hockenheimring to test out the Taycan, there was no doubt that he was going to have a good time.

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Out on the track, the Taycan Turbo S’s unprecedented torque and acceleration from its electric powertrain drew some choice words out of Holland, but more importantly lots of laughs and lots of smiles. And not only did he get to take the Taycan Turbo S out at the Porsche Experience Center, he also got to take one home back in the UK. With a gray exterior and black interior, the car’s sleek look perfectly complements his style, and he seems incredibly excited to have it, calling the Taycan “the best car ever made” out on the test track. We can’t blame him at all.

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