Introducing the May 2022 issue of duPont REGISTRY, #444, starring the new McLaren Artura. Below, you'll find out what to expect in this issue and more. To get your hands on a copy, either buy a single issue or subscribe.

Just get in and drive. That’s what I tell myself when the pressures of the world weigh heavily on me. Just get in and drive. When the noise of everyday life is shouting over the song in my soul. Just get in and drive. What I’m talking about is driving for the sake of pleasure. Whether on a country road or a private track, driving for pleasure is a luxury that anyone with a car can afford, regardless of income. It merely involves a willing machine and the absence of a Point B.

Money can help, though. There is no better automobile I’ve found for pleasure driving than a McLaren, which doesn’t come cheap. A drive in a McLaren, though, is like an antidepressant overdose with a stimulant chaser. Visceral, intimate, and thrilling – all at once. Fortunately, this month’s cover car, the all-new McLaren Artura, brings the brand’s price of entry down to the lower six-figure range. The hybridized supercar is an over-the-counter antidote to existential dread. On the other side of the high-end spectrum is Rolls-Royce. Our correspondent Gabriel Vega got in and drove 1,000 miles in a Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge for this issue, just to test its effect on mood and well-being. He reported back a smile bigger than the sedan’s imposing grille.

For some, only speed can start their body’s endorphin-producing machine. On page 31 we discuss the automakers offering client factory race programs that let you live your best Verstappen life, no matter which brand’s blood you bleed. These companies will sell you a car that only requires a pithy livery to go racing, and they offer great support after an ego-withering shunt. But still, one doesn’t need 1-percenter wealth to enjoy driving. There are accessories out there that can make any car, from a simple Miata to a 10-year-old Benz, feel freeing to drive. Check out our curation of products on page 82 that includes driving gloves, shoes, helmets, and race suits.

And my last prescription for four-wheeled serenity is to let someone else drive and watch. It’s called motorsport, Formula 1 in particular. In this issue we introduce to you the sport’s newest grand prix set in sunny Miami, which will be an epic event in duPont Registry’s own backyard that nobody wants to miss. We also highlight a rare F1 car for sale on page 104 that triggered memories of a better time with just a glance. So just get in and drive. And hopefully you’re driving something found and bought within the pages of your favorite magazine: duPont Registry. If you’re not, you can start shopping right now. 


The all-new Artura re-imagines McLaren’s design language and makes its hybrid technology more accessible than ever before.


As high-end automakers adapt to a new world order, the rules of luxury are being redefined.


Dedicated motorsport divisions and client racing programs let drivers get a taste of life as a racer.


We followed Highway 101 from Los Angeles to San Francisco to test-drive the 2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge.


Formula 1 has long coveted a second race in the United States, and after several false dawns, the Miami Grand Prix is finally set to fill that void.


We took the 2022 Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition for a spin through the California canyons.


When it comes to the most incredible supercars on the market today, timing is everything ... especially so with their affiliated super watches.


Gear up for an afternoon at the racing circuit.


A fleet of Bentleys rallied across Utah and Arizona for three days of epic sightseeing during this O’Gara x White Label event.


A championship-defining Ferrari F300 driven by Michael Schumacher recently came up for sale.


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