Presented by Motorenn.

Motorenn is a Los Angeles-based e-commerce startup specializing in used luxury and premium vehicles. The company was founded in the summer of 2020 by cofounders David Chou, a military veteran with years of corporate strategy experience at CarMax and Edmunds, and Austin Haldeman, a former engineer with Honda Racing and former engineering consultant.

Motorenn is leading the evolution of used luxury car buying with low overhead costs, transparent and data-driven pricing models, and a digital first mentality
The startup has grown rapidly, surpassing $2 million in monthly revenue and most recently expanding into a larger facility conveniently located near LAX airport. Although the majority of their customers buy and sell their vehicles remotely, locals can come into the new office - or those further away can fly into LAX to conduct a test drive in person.

Cofounders Chou and Haldeman see Motorenn not just as a dealership or e-commerce platform, but as a community of car enthusiasts. "In addition to providing a great retail experience, we're educating our customers on their vehicles so they can enjoy them to the fullest," said CEO David Chou. "We love these vehicles, and want to share our knowledge and excitement for them."