A time capsule to another automotive era built in modern times.

GTO Engineering has put in serious miles and hours both behind the wheel of Ferraris and under the hood. The company has been an authority on Ferrari servicing, restoration, repairs and more for years. In total, the team at GTO Engineering has over 200 years of combined experience working with classic Ferraris. It's these facts that have allowed them to create what you see here, the 250 SWB Revival that's for sale at O'Gara's The Reserve.

This example of the 250 SWB Revival by GTO Engineering is highlighted in the video up above by the dealership. Called "Inside The Reserve," the video is hosted by Beau Rogers, a Sales Specialist at the dealership. He goes over the entirety of the beautiful period-correct creation by GTO Engineering and even takes it out for a drive, allowing us all to hear the beautiful sound of its 3.0-liter V12 engine.

While this specific and beautiful example of the GTO Engineering 250 SWB Revival is up for sale, Rogers also notes that O'Gara Coach represents the brand. This means that you can contact O'Gara Coach regarding building your own example of the 250 SWB Revival. When customizing a GTO Engineering Revival car, here are a long list of options available, including different engine options, interior finishes and materials, exterior paint and so much more. If you click the button below, you can view this specific car's listing. If you would like to contact O'Gara Coach for more information regarding their GTO Engineering offerings, click here.

Image Source: O'Gara Coach