The Hyundai Tuscon got a wild makeover for a wild adventure.

The Uncharted movie takes Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg on an uncanny, action-packed international adventure in search of long-lost treasure. And in a treasure hunting adventure movie like this one that echoes the likes of Indiana Jones, the gadgets, vehicles, and locations all need to carry the film’s zany, heightened energy. Mark Wahlberg’s car, a custom Hyundai Tucson which earned the nickname “Beast,” was no exception, and to create a car with the rugged-adventure ready looks to take on a treasure hunt of epic proportions, Hyundai designers Brad Arnold and Liz Curran had to get creative.

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One of the biggest challenges when designing the “Beast” was the fact that the allotted time to design the car was quite short. The design process began after the film began production, and that meant that the car already had a deadline to be on set overseas, giving the designers only 1-2 weeks to design the car before it had to go into the shop to be built, when otherwise, design processes can take as long as years to become fully formed cars on the road.

With a gray color complemented with matte black accents, the “Beast” Tucson looks like it means business. Bumper bars, large black wheels with off-road tires, riveted matte black fender cladding, and a snorkel with stippled texture to hide scuffs and scrapes all add to a look that transforms the Hyundai Tucson into a beastly and sinister machine.

Source: Hyundai