Up for sale exclusively through duPont REGISTRY Supercar Sales is this incredible RUF collection. This collection has been curated and handpicked by our experts, and it includes some of the finest examples of RUF automobiles in modern history. Scroll down below to see them for yourself and click on their respective buttons to learn more about each example.

1991 RUF RCT

Finished in a stellar Riviera Blue with Black leather interior, this RUF RCT is one of the purest forms of air-cooled performance from Pfaffenhausen.

Started as what is referred to as a “body in white” RUF vehicles are actual production vehicles, not Porsches. These are bodies that Porsche themselves give to RUF to create their completely bespoke and visceral machines that they are known for making today.

This 964 has been upgraded by RUF with their iconic turbocharged flat-six formula creating a low drag, narrow-bodied RCT that is the true aerodynamicist’s dream RUF. Upgraded from RUF directly

Showing no signs of any wear or damage, this is a capsule of RUF history and is ready to be appreciated by its next owners.

1998 RUF CTR 2 Sport

With the introduction of the 993 platform from Porsche, the newest iteration of the CTR - the CTR2 was made. This generation was the pinnacle of Porsche’s air-cooled development. With most of the body panels made of carbon kevlar, RUF was able to shed weight and produce an astonishing piece of engineering.

Powered by a turbocharged flat-six producing 580 horsepower, the CTR2 was able to take home 2nd and 4th place in the Pikes Peak international hill climb in 1997, making the production version you see here a product of all the research and development used to secure those titles.

This CTR2 Sport is one of only four examples ever produced with a Porsche Motorsports-derived all-wheel-drive system with adjustable power bias between axles taken straight from the race cars. Being one of less than 30 CTR2’s in general, this is possibly the rarest of the 993 based platforms any RUF collector can get.

In need of only a new caretaker, this CTR2 Sport is ready to be cherished by a fanatic of Porsche, RUF, and the sincere dedication to perfect performance.

2018 RUF Rt 12 R

What you are looking at is a 2018 RUF RT12R. Finished in Irish Racing Green with a beautiful red leather interior, this RT12R is one of the ultimate modern RUFs to have. Originally commissioned by Alois himself for his own personal use, this RT12R is as rich in heritage as it can be. Having traveled only 356 miles, this car can still be presented as new with all aspects of the vehicle in exceptional condition.

Built off the 997.2 platform, the RT12R is an evolution of the extremely powerful RT12. Powered by a 3.8 twin turbo mated to a 6-speed transmission, this car is putting out 730 horsepower across all four wheels.

Thanks to custom carbon bodywork done to the already light 997, this RT12R is significantly lighter, more rigid, and safer thanks to its integrated roll cage that sits underneath the upholstery for the A, B, and C pillars. Around all four corners are custom RUF centerlock wheels with carbon ceramic brakes helping this car stop and corner even better than its Porsche counterpart thanks to RUF’s bespoke coilover suspension.

This car is ready to take on any performance endeavors and is only in need of a new caretaker.