Being a good samaritan is sometimes what it takes.

The road near musician Sir Rod Stewart’s home in Harlow, England is in… terrible condition. It’s riddled with water-filled potholes which have reportedly damaged cars on the road and busted the tire of an ambulance. And while these are all genuinely alarming concerns, one of the biggest for Stewart himself is the fact that the potholes render the road simply undrivable for his Ferrari, which sits low to the ground and can’t handle that kind of surface. So, he decided that if nobody else would repair the road, he would.

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In his post on Instagram, he can be seen with a shovel filling the holes in the road, and explaining that the road is in undrivable condition while the British Government is spending “millions and millions of pounds” on the M11 motorway. Hopefully, now that the road is in better shape due to Rod Stewart’s handiwork, we will get to see him enjoying his Ferrari and taking it out onto the road soon.

Source: Instagram/SirRodStewart