We spoke with Jason Kosova, President of Marshall Goldman Beverly Hills, about the provenance of this very rare Bugatti Veyron that's up for sale.

When the Bugatti Veyron arrived in 2005, it marked a significant turning point in the hypercar market and the entire auto industry. Engineered as a way for the Volkswagen Group to flex its technological muscles, the Veyron pushed far beyond the performance capabilities of its closest competitors from Porsche, Ferrari, or Mercedes-Benz. Thanks to its quad-turbo 16 cylinder engine, the Veyron's 1001 horsepower output allowed it to become not only one of the most expensive new cars available but also the fastest, with a top speed of just over 253 mph. 

While its top speed quickly caught the attention of enthusiasts around the globe, the real secret behind the Veyron's success was its meticulous attention to detail. In many ways, it was developed like a modern airliner, overengineered to an extreme degree, where its performance was not only guaranteed but endlessly repeatable. From its specialized wheels and tires to its ten radiators, hydraulically controlled wing, and brakes that can withstand 3272 degrees, the Veyron took no shortcuts. 

Achieving these stats in a stripped-out two-seater with lightweight racing and minimal insulation would've been impressive. However, the Veyron accomplished these figures weighing over 4,100 lb, making it over 1,100 lb heavier than the Enzo. This meant that not only did it offer tremendous performance, it also did so while doubling as a proper luxury car. In many ways, the Veyron was revolutionary through its outright speed, versatility, and true dual personality. 

The Veyron shown in these images is a later 2008 model, currently available for sale at Marshall Goldman in Beverly Hills, California. With just 2,436 miles on the clock, this black over black example is chassis number 118 and a suspected one of only three ever produced in its color scheme. Priced at $1,648,900, this collector-quality car is one of few true future classics.