Any true car enthusiast knows that a color can mean everything.

The Ferrari F50 is a legendary car that served as the flagship Cavallino Rampante-wearing supercar for years during the golden age of supercars. It’s rare, coveted, beautiful, and blindingly quick, even by today’s standards. However, in its Giallo Modena color, only 31 were made, making it all the more rare and legendary. Jay Leno had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a yellow Ferrari F50, and like a Guards Red Porsche Carrera GT, or a Sunbeam Yellow (ironically) AMG GT, the color made all the difference.

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The owner of the yellow F50, and also a red F50, Ferrari collector David Lee, talked about the fact that the yellow is an incredibly coveted color of the F50, estimating that his own would sell for a whopping $5 million, as compared to a $4 million value for his red car.

Being a convertible, the F50 comes with either a soft-top or a hardtop, both of which are actually difficult to install and remove. For this reason, his yellow F50 features a hardtop in the video, while the red counterpart features a soft top. One of the first cars to use carbon fiber in the chassis and body, the F50 pushed innovation and engineering forward almost as quickly as the car itself drove. Thanks to collectors like David Lee, these incredible cars get to live out their full legacy and stay on the road, impressing us just as much today as they did over 27 years ago.

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Source: YouTube/Jay Leno's Garage