Rubell Museum to showcase Project MAYBACH to the public from December 1st – December 2nd.

The world is devastated by the recent passing of fashion designer icon Virgil Abloh, who incorporated his unique artistic vision into countless collaborations and collections. As a member of the Mercedes-Benz family, Virgil continued to work closely with Chief Design Officer Garden Wagener on reimagining production vehicles as works of art displayed for enthusiasts to enjoy. Along with successful collaboration ventures like Project Geländenwagen, Virgil set out to shock the automotive and fashion world with his highly-anticipated release of Project MAYBACH. Mercedes-Benz is proud to honor the work of Virgil Abloh by revealing Project MAYBACH following the wishing of his family.

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As an idea started from scratch, Virgil and Gorden took to the drawing board to create an off-road electric two-seater that pushes the boundaries of function, style, and collaborative creativity. The inspiration behind Project Maybach was complete creative freedom, the great outdoors, and recontextualizing a traditionally metropolitan brand within a distinctly off-road environment. Project MAYBACH channels Abloh's passion to challenge the status quo and re-write the rulebook of aspirational design. The X-Factor nature of Project MAYBACH results not only from its breathtaking size (nearly 20 feet long) and characteristics. While Project MAYBACH was inspired by his creative efforts, the Mercedes-Benz teams thank Virgil Abloh for the inspiration to explore the power of cross-industry dialogue. Check back into duPont REGISTRY Daily for more luxury car news and releases.

Source: Mercedes-Benz