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Even after almost 50 years, the Ferrari 308 remains a timelessly beautiful car, with its dramatic side vents, its sleek proportions, and its clean, elegant, and unmistakably Ferrari styling. And on top of that, with a 5-speed gated manual transmission and a 2.9-liter V8 engine sitting just behind the driver, the car provides a spirited driving experience that only a Ferrari can deliver.

The exterior of this 308 GTB is finished in the incredibly handsome Argento Metallizzato, by way of a high-quality respray, while the black interior is original from 1977, with the iconic Momo steering wheel with the yellow Cavallino Rampante in the middle. The engine is fully serviced and running in beautiful condition, showcasing the everlasting glory of this classic Ferrari, and along with it, the transmission, the one-of-a-kind gated five-speed dogleg, has been rebuilt and is ready to enjoy.

Even with a beautiful restoration, the car is highly original, with the panels and the interior being the same as they have been since 1977, with plenty of documentation to prove it. This stunning silver 308 GTB is available for sale now, and it’s a beautiful way to start or continue your classic Ferrari collection.