Now that's a perfect prize for an ace.

During the Pelican Women's Championship, part of the LPGA Tour, Austin Ernst teed up on the 12th hole and managed to win herself a new ride. The 12th hole at the Pelican Golf Club is a 147-yard, par-3 that was displaying a Lamborghini Huracan RWD Spyder. Whoever managed to score a hole-in-one on this hole would win a two-year lease on the Lamborghini through Morgan Auto Group, which also owns Lamborghini Sarasota. Ernst happened to sink an ace and because of that, she now has a new way to get around.

“I hit it barely off the toe, but it was right online and landed on the green and I thought, ‘oh, that’s got a chance,’” said Ernst. “And we saw it roll out and I was like, ‘did that just go in?'"

Congratulations are in order for Ernst who will now get to cruise around in a fine Italian supercar. What's more, Ernst noted that this was the first time she's actually ever sat in a Lamborghini. How about the first Lamborghini ever sitting in being the one you'll be driving? That's awesome.

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