What if…Bugatti developed a racetrack-oriented hyper sports car?

In Fall 2020, Bugatti made headlines with its latest technological concept, a drivable, experimental one-off: the Bugatti Bolide. Designed to answer the question, “what if Bugatti built a radically light vehicle around the legendary 8.0-liter W16 engine?”, the Bolide is the ultimate track weapon.

The Bolide combines hyper sports car performance with a Formula 1-esque design in one uncompromising, innovative package. Development of the Bolide started from the same place as all other Bugatti models: Ettore Bugatti’s philosophy “form follows performance” and a look back at the brand’s outstanding motorsport history over the past century. In order to develop the most extreme Bugatti yet, Bugatti designers and engineers focused on a minimalist approach to achieve a lightweight body with extraordinary aerodynamics.

Its exterior is noticeably inspired by that of a race car, with its minimal bodywork, numerous air ducts, and low ground clearance. The lines of the car are designed to create the shape of an aerodynamically optimized, uncompromising race car that offers superior performance on the track. In the rear, the striking diffuser and impressive wing combine to create massive amounts of downforce and increase traction. The carbon and paint split Bugatti is known for is present on the Bolide, albeit with greater amounts of carbon than on other models to decrease weight.

Performance-wise, the Bolide is poised to continue the lineage of the most extraordinary engine in automotive history, making use of the iconic W16 engine that allows it 1,600 hp and 1,600 Nm of torque. Bugatti engineers tuned the intake and exhaust system for faster and more spontaneous responsiveness on the racetrack. Likewise, the cooling system for the turbochargers, engine, transmission, and differential have been modified for optimum power.

Exactly 40 customers will be able to experience the few-off Bolide on the track soon, with production to be finalized over the next three years and deliveries scheduled for 2024. Included in the €4,000,000 price will be exclusive track days, where owners will be able to experience the breathtaking performance of the Bolide alongside their fellow Bolide owners. “What if” will soon be a reality.