McLaren is one of the most popular automotive companies and offers top-of-the-line supercars. McLaren 765LT is undoubtedly the pinnacle of the company’s supercar lineup that brings astonishing performance and extremely luxurious features.

McLaren 765LT Price

By all means, McLaren 765LT is a powerful and amazingly capable supercar when it comes to performance. It is an aerodynamically enhanced, power boosted, weight reduced, and hard-edged limited edition. The LT in the name stands for longtail, and it also offers a bigger nose along with big carbon fiber rear and front wings.

The McLaren 765LT price is lower than most supercars out there. You can find the McLaren 765LT for sale for about 358,000 US dollars, and the used ones will cost you even less. This MSRP is still far from affordability for most people, but it's still an outrageous bargain as compared to other supercars that McLaren offers.

The best thing about the McLaren 765LT is that the company manufactured only a limited number of units that came out in 2015. It means that this supercar will always be a highly sought-after collector’s item. In terms of performance, it's very close to the McLaren P1, which is one of the most expensive cars by the company. Moreover, the McLaren 765LT isn’t only about the paint job and plaque. In fact, the level of detail and the luxury features that McLaren has provided in this car are genuinely extraordinary. When you look at the McLaren 765LT from a performance perspective, its MSRP seems like something of a bargain.

McLaren 765LT Review

McLaren 765LT is a limited-edition car, and it comes with the company's long tail spirit. Because of the limited number of units available, the demand for McLaren 765LT was so high that McLaren could have sold many times the total supply. That's because the company manufactured the McLaren 765LT using the same approach that it does to create supercars with exceptional performance. Many McLaren 765 Longtail reviews suggest that it’s related to the McLaren 720S. It might be true, but all the areas are tweaked to speed up the overall engagement and remove weight.

McLaren 765LT vs 720S At Hennessey Performance

The weight of the McLaren 765LT has been reduced significantly, and it flaunts 755 hp. The result of these significant changes is a sensationally quick, captivating, and incredible supercar. McLaren paid close attention in every department, be it suspension, aerodynamics, transmission, or engine, in McLaren 765LT make-up. It adds real engagement and attitude to the supercar series by McLaren, and because of its limited quantity, McLaren 765LT will remain a coveted car. The new McLaren 765LT is already sold out, but luckily, we had enough time to test this car to come up with this McLaren 765LT Review.

McLaren 765LT Specs

When it comes to engine and power, McLaren 765LT yet again stands in the front row of supercars. It comes with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine which is also equipped with an intercooled DOHC 32-valve. The McLaren 765LT horsepower is 755 at 7500 RPM, and it offers 590 pound-feet of torque at 5500 RPM.

The McLaren 765LT specs beg you to drive hard and provide it with the attention it deserves. You’ll need to drive this beast as you mean it, and you'll have a rewarding experience. The McLaren 765LT top speed is 205 miles per hour, and its body offers outstanding control regardless of the speed. Moreover, McLaren 765LT 0-60 is only 2.4 seconds which means it already gets there even before you frame your thoughts.

This supercar also allows you to feel the true sensation even if you’re going at a model speed. The 765LT weight is one of the biggest reasons for such performance. The car weighs only 2,952 pounds, and the time it takes to cover a ¼ mile is only 9.9 seconds. The 765 top speed is only 7 miles per hour less than its cousin 620S, but it hits the 100-mph mark 0.3 seconds faster.

McLaren 765LT Engine & Transmission

As mentioned, the McLaren 765LT engine flaunts 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 power. Moreover, it comes with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that allows the car to deliver the faster and more decisive upshifts possible. For the turbochargers, there are machined compressor wheels as well as lighter connecting rods and camshafts. The company has also adjusted the damper and spring rates in order to match the McLaren 765LT’s greater performance. With the help of lighter wheels, the car still drives with real composure.

The McLaren 765LT also demonstrates the very same communicative feedback and tracking abilities that the 720S model does. McLaren knows how to tune its cars to engage the driver after getting behind the wheel.

McLaren has also provided the updated software in 765LT for the hydraulic Proactive Chassis Control II system that improves the performance significantly. It’s important to note that you won’t see any certified EPA fuel economy rating for any McLaren car. But as we know, the McLaren 765LT is very similar to the 720S, so the fuel economy will be somewhat the same. It’s expected to be 22 mpg on the highway, 15 mpg in the city, and 18 mpg combines.

McLaren 765LT Interior

All modifications and changes that the McLaren 765LT interior offers are mainly focused on reducing the weight and improving engagement. McLaren 765LT comes with lightweight and body-hugging seats that not only look marvelous but also offer comfort. You can opt for any mix of materials such as carbon fiber, Alcantara, or leather to cover the interior. The personalization options that McLaren 765LT brings are endless.

In the nose of the McLaren 765LT, there is also some room for your luggage that can easily manage a soft overnight bag. However, the appeal of the car lies somewhere else entirely, and practicality isn't a big concern.

McLaren 765LT Brakes

McLaren 765LT Brakes are specified with carbon fiber discs. As compared to the traditional braking system, it offers greater longevity and stopping power. It comes with 15.4-inch carbon-ceramic rotors, and it's also possible to find McLaren 765LT with Brembo calipers. The “Longtail Airbrake” system also helps McLaren 765LT to further reduce the stopping distances. It flaunts a unique control setup and deploys while heavy brakes are applied and perfectly matches the capabilities of the supercar. Just like riding a motorbike, you can easily see the road in front of you while sitting in the McLaren 765LT driver seat.

McLaren 765LT Standout Features

McLaren 765LT is equipped with unique features based on the latest technology. One of the most important features is the McLaren Track Telemetry system. It comes with three different cameras and provides real-time lap data to track day enthusiasts. Other than that, McLaren 765LT also features Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires which are considered to be track-focused.

When it comes to safety features, the McLaren 765LT offers sophisticated stability and traction control system, tire pressure monitoring, and airbags. The key to this car’s safety is undoubtedly its overall build and construction that revolves around carbon fiber which is both strong and incredibly tight.

While McLaren has done a lot to reduce the weight of this supercar. But one thing that the company managed to provide is the front-end lift system which was unavailable in the McLaren 675LT, and many car enthusiasts and experts criticized it. Moreover, McLaren 765LT also offers rear and front parking sensors, a 360-degree camera, and a front-end lift system. It’s important to note that McLaren has announced that only 765 765LT will be built.

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