Presented by Bugatti - Coming off of a record-breaking first half of 2021 in North America, Bugatti has premiered a new addition to its already impressive lineup: the Chiron Super Sport – a fully configurable version of the record-breaking Chiron Super Sport 300+, the first - and still only - production car to break the 300 mph speed barrier which was exclusively offered in Black Carbon and Jet Orange. The long-tail Chiron Super Sport brings a unique combination of top speed, luxury, and comfort to the Chiron family. In contrast to the Chiron Pur Sport, which was designed for agility and cornering, the Super Sport represents Bugatti in its quintessential form: ultimate speed and luxury.

Following a longstanding tradition of combining top speed performance with luxury beginning with the Type 55 Super Sport in the 1930s, then continuing with the EB110 Super Sport in the 90s and the Veyron Super Sport of the 2010s, the Chiron Super Sport is a natural addition to the elegant, comfortable, and high-performing model range Bugatti is renowned for. It adds another extreme to the spectrum of performance offered by the Chiron lineup: longitudinal dynamics, as a counterpart to the Chiron Pur Sport’s focus on lateral agility. The Super Sport starts at $3,825,000 and is limited within the 500 unit production run of the Chiron family.

At Bugatti, “form follows performance.” This mantra guides the development of each Chiron model, and is especially evident in the Chiron Super Sport. Its long-tail body, aerodynamics-influenced design, and low-slung front end are uncompromisingly designed for peak performance. The exterior design alone makes it unique from the other Chiron models. Every aspect of the vehicle is designed to accommodate for its exceptional longitudinal performance. The newly designed front splitter and rear diffuser and the overall streamlined body of the Chiron Super Sport generate a massive amount of downforce to counteract and balance the forces created at speeds of 273 mph.

The iconic 8.0-liter W16 engine present in all Chiron models receives an overhauled engine for the Chiron Super Sport, delivering 1,600 hp and a top speed of 273 mph (electronically limited). In order to achieve these numbers, the turbochargers, oil pump, valve train, gearbox, and clutch were modified significantly. These changes make it possible for the Chiron Super Sport to now rev up to 7,100 rpm – an increase of  300 rpm. Michael Kodra, Head of Drive Development at Bugatti, says this increase provides for “even greater longitudinal acceleration and an even more emotive driving experience.”

Larger turbochargers and highly efficient compressor wheels cause the seven-gear dual-clutch transmission to shift from sixth to seventh gear at 250 mph, even when at full load. The seventh gear’s ratio is 3.6% longer, avoiding any “interruption in traction when changing gears at 7,100 rpm,” explains Marco Schulte, an engine application developer at Bugatti.

Acceleration in the Super Sport is seamless even at full throttle, offering a comfortable and balanced drive at top speeds. Its acceleration is impressive – even for a Bugatti. It accelerates from 0 to 124 mph in 5.8 seconds, and 0 to 186 mph in 12.1 seconds – 12% quicker than a Chiron. At even higher speeds, the Super Sport is still faster than the rest; it accelerates from 0 to 249 mph in 28.6 seconds, 4 seconds faster than the Chiron.

The Chiron Super Sport’s high speed capabilities and new aerodynamics require a specially designed chassis. At higher speeds, the vehicle has been stabilized by stiffer springs, producing increased chassis control and dynamic stability. With a more direct connection to the vehicle’s steering and dampers, the driving feel has been improved as well, resulting in a more communicative and engaging driving experience.

The unwavering directional stability makes the Chiron Super Sport uniquely confidence-inspiring at extraordinary speeds. “Even on long bends taken at high speeds, the rear remains calm and neutral, resulting in a very composed drive in the Chiron Super Sport. Our focus at top speed is on absolute driving stability coupled with comfort,” explains Jachin Schwalbe, Head of Chassis Development at Bugatti.

To pair with the newly designed Super Sport chassis, Bugatti and Michelin developed new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that are optimized for top speed, in contrast to the Pur Sport’s agility focused Michelin Sport Cup 2R tires.

The tires offer improved rigidity and smoothness, which, combined with reinforced belts, makes it possible for them to perform consistently at top speed for extended periods of time.

The design process of the tires included testing on the test bench originally built for the Space Shuttle, while post production sees each tire individually x-rayed to identify even the most minuscule of flaws.

The tires are mounted on an exclusive five-spoke aluminum wheel, available only on the Chiron Super Sport. Customers can also choose painted or diamond cut wheels, or opt for the Chiron Pur Sport’s iconic magnesium wheel to reduce the weight of the unsprung mass.

For aerodynamic performance, the long tail helps keep the laminar flow attached to the body for as long as possible. Bugatti designers extended it by nearly 10 inches, and enlarged the diffuser cross-section, thereby reducing the rear’s trailing surface by 44%. These changes result in significantly reduced slipstream and wind resistance – factors which would otherwise decelerate the vehicle.

To increase the rear diffuser’s effect, the unique exhaust pipes were aligned vertically to each side. “If we can generate downforce with the diffuser, there is no need for us to generate it with the drag inducing wings. This means we can retract the wing as far as possible in Top Speed mode for a drive with minimal drag,” elaborates Frank Heyl.

Design modifications made to the front splitter, such as the air curtains alongside the air intakes, improve the airflow over the side radiators and complement the rear shape in minimizing drag.

As a longstanding part of the Bugatti family, the Super Sport moniker provided obvious inspiration for the design team.

To complement the long tail of the Chiron Super Sport, a new, optional horizontal color split was designed for the Super Sport, directly inspired by the split seen on the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport.

This split creates the illusion of a longer tail and a lower body, providing a visually striking aesthetic.

The Chiron Super Sport’s nine air extractors on each fender are a nod to the EB 110 Super Sport – while also releasing air pressure from the front wheel wells and generating streamlined downforce at the front axle.

And, much like the Type 55 Super Sport, the Chiron Super Sport combines impressive technology and speed with comfort and sophistication.

Designed to be the ultimate grand tourer, the interior of the Chiron Super Sport provides exceptional comfort, elegance, and luxury. With timeless elements like leather and polished aluminum, combined with modern carbon fiber, the interior is perfectly suited to an effortless and safe driving experience, even at high speeds.

From the exterior to the interior, every inch of the
Chiron Super Sport has been meticulously designed and optimized for aerodynamic performance and top speed, without sacrificing the comfort and luxury Bugatti
excels at.

The Chiron Super Sport joins the Chiron family, adding top speed to an existing lineup already offering luxury and performance at all levels. Consisting of the Chiron, Chiron Sport, Chiron Pur Sport, and now Chiron Super Sport, the lineup is limited to 500 production slots worldwide – of which there are now less than 50 left.

Three dimensions of performance are available, offering customers the option to choose the car which best suits their driving personality.

The Chiron and Chiron Sport offer the ultimate combination of performance, luxury, and comfort. The Chiron Pur Sport provides an incomparably agile and dynamic driving experience and is meant for the driver who appreciates challenging roads with tight turns, corners, and curves. Speed and comfort are delivered by the Chiron Super Sport, the fastest member of the Chiron family with a top speed of 273 mph. Whatever your desire, there’s a Bugatti model to fit.

Image Source: Bugatti