Presented by Ape Built - Currently for sale on is a 2020 APE MV4 that's outfitted and ready for extreme abuse off-road. Its turbo diesel powertrain has been built with Chromoly one-ton axle components to create a strong, torque-filled, capable, and reliable machine. This model has been setup with a few kits from APE including the ½ door, aluminum roof and street-legal package, winch recovery, and inverter power. The MV4 buggy is outfitted with Hutchinson double beadlock wheels wrapped with 37” Toyo Tires and measures just under 78” in height so it fits in a standard 7’ garage door.

This buggy is powered by a Cummins R2.8 Turbo diesel motor which provides a compact 310-foot pounds of torque with 161 hp. The Cummins is mated to an 8HP70 automatic transmission which works great when paired together due to the available 8-speeds working with the diesel power. The transfer case is an Advanced Adapters Atlas 2-speed which provides extreme strength and full hi/lo front/rear-wheel drive selection.

When looking at off-road vehicles, one of the primary components required for reliability and capability are the axles. The MV Axles are built in-house by APE using new GM 14 bolt center sections that have been re-sleeved with ½” thick steel DOM tubing, trussed for added strength, and then outfitted with Crane Axle and GM one-ton components.

This MV4 buggy is new with less than 10 hours on the vehicle hour meter. To find out more about this MV4 vehicle click on the button below or contact APE.