Never thought we'd see this happen, that's for sure.

We know that Ken Block is a master of driving cars powered by internal combustion engines. But, what about electric race cars? Block gave us the answer to that question in his most recent video where he test out the insane electric Audi e-tron Vision GT concept race car. It's honestly wild that this moment happened considering that the e-tron Vision GT was made for a video game and it's rare that automakers create real-life versions of digital concepts. What's more, the fact that Block was able to drive it during his visit to Ingolstadt, Germany is also wild. Granted, this is just one of the many perks that Block now has since he partnered with Audi. Click play up above to see Block rip the three-motor electric race car, as well as an Audi V8 DTM Car around the track. Also, if you haven't check it out, you should see him take the Group B Sport Quattro S1 E2 out for a spin.

Source: Ken Block/YouTube