Presented and Provided by 26 Motors - The love for cars and a vision to be the hottest dealership in all New York, 26 Motors Corp Started from very humble beginnings. A small car lot with only 86 cars on Boston road, to what we are today and what we are becoming. Now with the largest selection of luxury cars in the tri-state area. 

We are a certified pre-owned 5-star rated celebrity dealership whose primary focus is on luxury and exotic cars. We are known for our wide selection of luxury cars. Ranging from standard to exotic; Honda to Lamborghini. No matter what your budget is or what you are looking for, we have something for you. Our stores have a large variety of Japanese, American, and European cars.

We have rapidly expanded our business in just four years, becoming the premier dealership of New York City & Long Island, with over 800 cars in inventory. We now have 5 locations in The Bronx,  Queens NY, Hollis NY, and two in Long Island, with the most valuable wide range selection in New York City. There is never a car that we don’t have or that we can’t get. We thank our customers who made this possible and look forward to the years of doing business.

Owners Yossi (left) and Moshe (right)

Our first focus is serving our clients the best experience possible. What separates us from other dealerships is our laidback, personable approach. Our staff has been professionally trained to make sure that you have the best and most comfortable car buying experience. We set our showroom as a lounge so that our clients can be as comfortable as possible. When you come into our Showroom, you have the flexibility to be laid back and relax while shopping around, which makes it a stress-free car buying experience.

Unlike other dealerships, in which you may be just sitting on uncomfortable chairs, in front of a sales person’s desk, we have elevated our showroom. Not only did we set up our showroom with comfortable sofas throughout, but also a pool table and arcade, so that our customers can hang out while shopping, making it a very unique experience. We have made sure to change the car buying experience. Instead of being in front of a salesperson, here at 26 Motors, our professional sales staff are sitting beside you making sure you feel welcomed. This experience is one of the many things that make us unique. We also treat each purchase with the respect it deserves, providing a VIP red carpet experience for each of our customers.

Our first focus is serving our clients the best experience possible. Buying a car is a big step into claiming your freedom. Having a car enables a new kind of flexibility that you can only have by owning a car. Here at 26 Motors, we understand how important this moment is, which is why we've created the red carpet experience. We make every customer feel exceptional by walking down the red carpet the 26 motors way with confetti galore. When you buy a luxury car, you deserve a luxury experience. Influenced by the community, we've created a look and feel that goes with the environment. We have decorated our showroom walls with murals painted by famous Bronx native graffiti artist, Tatscru, inspired by our passion for luxury cars. We don't only sell to our community, which we take pride in, but we also have a returning celebrity clientele.

A day at 26 Motors is unlike a day at any other dealership. You may just run into A-list celebrities like 50 Cent or DJ Khaled. Play pool alongside Phresher, a chart-topping rapper, or end up taking a selfie with Sheff G or Sleepy Hallow. 26 Motors has not only become the premier dealership on Boston Road but has also become your favorite rapper’s hang out and dealership. Now you can shop for your dream luxury vehicle at the same place as your favorite artists. We are proud to serve all of the community. We focused on very specific values that we’ve built our business upon. Here at 26 Motors we prioritize and represent those values. We stand by customer service, transparency, dedication, hospitality, passion, consistency, integrity, diversity, honesty, and bonafide. A place where the customer comes first. These values are what have helped us be who we are today.