JR Hildebrand: "It's the ultimate driver's car."

IndyCar driver and star JR Hildebrand recently took out the exciting McLaren Elva for a spin and was thoroughly impressed. The drive he embarked on took him through the streets of San Francisco and along the Pacific Coast highway. The Elva itself is a truly unique model in McLaren's lineup, giving customers the ability to order it with or without a windshield. It also packs plenty of power, 804 bhp to be exact, thanks to its twin-turbo V8 engine. You can see the drive for yourself in the video up above.

"The Elva is the newest car in the growing stable of McLaren Ultimate Series machines, with not only hyper-car performance but a hyper-specific use case," said Hildebrand. "Where the McLaren Senna and McLaren Senna GTR exist to be the ultimate in track weapons, the Elva is designed for the ultimate immersive experience on your favorite roads, and to be completely unhidden from your environment - whether that be a coastal sea breeze or the paparazzi flash pulling up on Rodeo Drive."

Source: McLaren Automotive