Presented By Private Seller - Recently completed build project blends old-world heritage with modern-day automotive engineering. Originally conceived on the heels of multiple ground-up restorations, this custom Defender 90 takes all of what was learned from LS and Cummins builds, to create a sweet spot of both power and practicality.Equipped with an LV3 V6 mated to a 6L80 automatic transmission. The engine has received a full hand-made stainless exhaust system that encompasses custom-designed headers, specially designed for equidistant header lengths which optimize performance. The current tune setup provides a lively 325hp with snappy pedal response, whilst being able to make it more than 2 city blocks between fill-ups.The GM drive-train provides a level of reliability not typically found in Land Rover products, but also improves drivability. For those new to the Defender family, Land Rover's veritable workhorse has been synonymous with having the ability to go pretty much anywhere. What's left out of the small print is it doesn't do it particularly quickly, or with any level of modern-day comfort.

In regards to comfort, this vehicle has undergone a full restoration with no detail left unaddressed. Basic comforts such as air conditioning and modern electronics suite have been added, but it's important to note that these items are just the tip of the iceberg. A multi-step process to insulate and seal the original design requires several different steps, from adding ceramic coatings to interior panels, Dynamat insulation, custom sewn carpets, and soft finishes all add to the effectiveness of heating and cooling systems, as well as being able to have a conversation with your passenger without shouting or reverting to using sign language.

The exterior of the vehicle was envisioned to be just as comfortable being valet parked at your local eateries or evening venues, as much as it is still very much at home off-road climbing mountains, or roaming the ranch. The exterior paint is a Dupont product that is Kevlar infused to provide extreme durability and ruggedness, while still having a visually appealing finish.Modern adds like a backup camera, ancillary lighting front and rear, custom-designed bumpers, and step bars all add to the look and practicality of this vehicle. A Safety Devises front roll cage has been added to an additional level of protection. All exterior lighting has been converted to LED, providing much better visibility and a much lighter draw on the electrical system, and the ancillary lights are a smoked finish that has a more muted appearance that works with the envisioned aesthetic.

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The interior was finished with beautiful custom leather hides and looks feels and smells every bit as good as you would imagine. The dash setup is from a 2007 or newer style Defender (known as Puma) and has also received custom leatherwork, all being wrapped in black, with a tasteful red accent stitch. The center console and seats all have diamond stitch incorporated into their design, and the front power seats are extremely comfortable. The headliner is finished in black suede and feels soft and smooth. Door cards are also wrapped in leather, finishing the interior details in a cocoon of tasteful luxury.Technology has not been overlooked in this build. The interior audio system sounds fantastic and integrates with your Bluetooth devices and phones. Dash gauges are custom and continue the red them, emitting a tasteful red glow at night.

All the things that you do not touch and feel on a daily basis have not been overlooked. The behind the scenes elements of braking systems, suspension, chassis, wheels, tires, etc are all fully restored and built to a much higher standard than originally spec'd from Land Rover. The red accents can be seen in the smaller details like brake calipers and suspension components, and it really adds to the fluidity of this build. Typical build times for projects similar to this will run into multiple months, if not years. Here is your opportunity to own and drive an iconic piece of British motoring history right here in the United States, with upgrades in all the right places. Timeless and ready for delivery.

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