Even the wheels are covered in fur.

Kim Kardashian recently posted pictures on her Instagram of her Lamborghini Urus, but it was wearing a new... coat of "fur." The images in the post-show the Urus wrapped in a fur-like fabric. While this may sound odd, it makes sense when you learn that this post was made to promote Skims. You see, Skims is Kim Kardashian's shape wear line and many of their products feature a 'Cozy' fabric that is actually 76% polyester and 24% nylon (no fur found here). While the fabric was intended to be worn by people, they wrapped the Urus in the fabric, inside and out. The entirety of the exterior and interior is covered in the fabric for the photoshoot, with even the wheels getting the same treatment.

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You can check out Kim Kardashian's Lamborghini urus in the post down below.

Source: @kimkardashian/Instagram