Dedication and devotion above all else

One of the most misunderstood stories in the automotive world is how an Argentine immigrant began sweeping the floors at Lamborghini. Mr. Pagani was 17 years old, and his enthusiasm impressed Ferruccio Lamborghini. Literally from the ground up, he rose to the top, becoming Chief Engineer by the mid 80's. Once Chrysler arrived with mandates to cut quality and stop fooling around with carbon fiber, Horacio saw the writing on the wall. His final masterpiece was the 25th Anniversary Countach, one for the record books

Knowing full well that forged carbon was the future, Pagani struck a deal for a massive autoclave to build the first Zonda. But He still builds parts for anyone, which has inspired camaraderie amongst Italian automakers and the artists at the helm. Lamborghini and Pagani have completely different target audiences and price points, and the fact that both brands can exist in a symbiotic relationship is a testament to corporate cooperation. We hope this explains an oft-maligned story, so stay with us for all your Pagani news.