You have no idea what they are capable of

When it comes to ordering a new Lamborghini for sale, you might assume the only choices are color and wheels. But those are just the tip of the iceberg. With the ability to turn your dreams into a reality, here are the top 4 facts you didn't know about Lamborghini's Ad Personam program.

Before we get into the details, "Ad Personam" is Latin for "personalized basis". It is a way for salespeople to connect their customers with the factory to explore the possibilities for a truly unique Raging Bull. With that in mind, you might be interested to know:

       1. Automotive leader in the development of unique colors: 348 When it comes to mixing pigments, the team has created more custom colors than any other automaker.

       2. The last frontier of color: diamond dust paint: To create the perfect shimmer in any situation, mixing the right metallic flake is a critical aspect of the base coat. Most painters like to use Xirallic, or finely ground aluminum. Lamborghini knocks it out of the park by using diamond dust for a shine unlike any other.

       3. The most extravagant request for interiors: embroidered works of art: Italian leather is nothing without skilled sewing. With the ability to replicate photos, maps, and nature with nothing more than a needle and patience, your Lamborghini is a blank canvas. It makes a great talking point when jumping an Urus.

       4. The most popular Ad Personam colors in America, Asia Pacific and EMEA: Because they are unlimited when it comes to color, customers around the world tend to prefer the same palette as their countrymen. Variables like climate, culture, and even the weather play a part in the selection process

      5. Studies in color psychology give rise to five chromatic families: Just as a Rorschach test reveals your thought processes, studying and plotting customer traits has allowed Ad Personam to suggest a starting point based on your personality. You won't find such attention to detail from any other brand.

Therefore, we implore you to open a conversation with our Ad Personam dealers, and the introspection will prove cathartic regardless of how the build evolves. Click the button to get started and stay with us for all your Lamborghini news.

Images (C) Lamborghini