Oil companies might want to take notice

One of the best attributes of Bentley's high altitude races is how the turbos adjust to thin air. While other manufacturers struggle up the 9,000-ft ascent, Bentley makes it look easy. In the past this meant spewing harmful exhaust directly into the stratosphere once they got above the treeline, but now the English engineers are taking the lead in eco-friendly racing.

It is easy for anyone to make renewable fuel, all you need is a still and a few bags of corn. You can make moonshine legally for private consumption, just don't sell it and the Feds will leave you alone. Therefore, your corn liquor, white lightning, or mountain dew makes a great evening spirit and the perfect fuel for turbocharged supercars.

Rhys Millen will return to drive the beast up the mountain, and he will be at the helm of a 4-liter V8. It has the largest aerodynamic surfaces Bentley has ever made, along with larger coolers for the water and oil. The turbos dump into stylish sidepipes for the perfect soundtrack. We wish him and everyone at Team Bentley good luck on this, the 99th race at the historic mountain. Tell us your opinion of ethanol as a race fuel in the comments below.

Images (C) Bentley