Presented by Porsche Cars North America - A little over a decade ago, we decided we were going to make a sports car unlike any we’ve ever made before. One that had all the personality and performance of a Porsche, but in an entirely new form. A sedan. To do it, we did as we always have. We got to work. We sketched. We tested. We researched. We developed. We redeveloped. And redeveloped some more. It was long hours. It was late nights. And eventually, it was the Panamera. The first sedan to bear the Porsche name.

Conventionalists called it crazy. Skeptics were not in short supply. It was a bold form factor in a sea of familiarity. Different. Loud. Brazen. It was a Porsche.

Since that first generation took the automotive world by storm, our desire to create a better one has stayed in drive. We have never put our pencils down. Our thumbs have continuously punched stopwatches.

And our expectations of craftsmanship and design have only heightened. We have kept sketching, testing, researching, and developing. Making it better. Making it faster. Making it real.

Introducing the new Panamera.

The fastest, most well-appointed, most customizable Panamera ever. One with sharper design, heightened performance, and more ways to make it your own than ever before.

As with every sports car we’ve ever made, it is more than a machine. It is a benchmark. Yet another one from a company famous for them. And proof of what can happen, when you never stop driving.

The new Panamera.
Drive Defines Us.