Your SUV can't do this!

You might think the Hummer EV SUV is just their truck with room for a family. However, the differences are so great that it could be a standalone model. From the ability to map off-road trails via satellite to buttons you configure, you haven't seen anything like this before.

This is how GPS was intended to be used. Heading off the pavement enables trail mapping. This app estimates how much power the trail will use, along with your nearest charging point. To keep your eyes on the road, several buttons within easy reach can be programmed to handle your most common tasks. Because the wheelbase is 9" shorter than the pickup truck, it can crab-walk to freedom with or without the hardtop. Starting at $79,995, it has the potential to change the way everyone looks at General Motors.

Perhaps the boldest move comes from the Power Station Generator. This massive inverter can reverse the power flow into the battery in order for you to help other EV owners. Your Hummer EV can output 6 kw at 240v, or 25 amps to run power tools or give a boost to stranded EVs. Don't try to loop the cables back into the Hummer and get a free charge, we know you! The fully-loaded models will have 3 motors that offer a combined 830 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque. A turning circle of 35 feet on 35" Goodyear Wranglers is also unprecedented, so stay with us for more Hummer updates.

Images (C) GM