Grip like this can be addictive!

Growing up before ABS was fun. Having to learn threshold braking was a rite of passage, and you could still buy new cars without a sway bar. Suspension technology has come a long way since then, so let's watch the 2022 BMW M3 & M4 traction control in action.

Most sports cars offer the ability to fine-tune the steering and suspension responses, and if you haven't experienced M Traction Control you are truly missing out. It has 10 settings from barely there to no fun at all. With each click, you will have less rotation through the corners, so its a fun way to get the very best from your tires. One of the best drivers I ever met once said: "If you don't drive hard enough to invoke traction control, you aren't driving" so tell us your best and worst traction control stories in the comments below.

Image (C) BMW