Milo Ventimiglia lets the M4 Competition drive itself

Crying over a car movie happens, so you need to watch The Art Of Racing In The Rain. In it you will see Milo Ventimiglia putting in some great work behind the wheel. To show us what the new M4 is capable of, BMW allowed him to introduce the Ultimate Self-Driving Machine.

A play on their popular tagline might sadden you. The notion of removing the driver from the experience is not something BMW's M Division could have predicted. Their latest M4 offers 503 horsepower from a 3-liter twin-turbo. The straight-six can be had with an 8-speed automatic, but who wants a transmission that shifts itself? Autonomous cars with three pedals are what everyone needs, so this is another epic APRIL FOOLS DAY! The M3 and M4 are offered in manual to preserve the art of driving, so click the button to find yours!

Images (C) BMW USA