This is what makes the Artura unlike anything else

All great cars should be explained by the people who build them. While some supercars are the product of enigmatic personalities, McLaren's talented team is very approachable. Therefore the brains responsible for the new Artura took time to answer questions from fans around the world.

The styling is distinctly McLaren while looking forward to a new generation. Perhaps the most enticing feature of the McLaren Artura is the lower rear deck. Because the engine fires at 120 degrees, it allows the rear profile to be much lower than the 90-degree V8.

You might also notice the controls for aerodynamics and suspension have moved from the center console to the instrument cluster. This binnacle allows for instant changes to most systems without distractions. It is the most driver-focused car to-date, and also among the lightest. At 3,303 lbs it is lighter than the P1 while offering a more competent hybrid system. You will have 19 miles of battery range along with 671 horsepower. Of course, these facts and figures aren't worth as much as the reasoning behind them, so tell us your favorite aspect of the new Artura in the comments below.

Image (C) McLaren Cars