They have laid out an aggressive plan of battery powered luxury

Your local dealer will have 10 new hybrid and electric cars to choose from by 2025, and it all starts here. The Lexus LF-Z Electrified concept showcases a high voltage future that blends their unique style with technologies not offered by anyone else.

Japanese engineers are never reactionary. Instead of taking inspiration from western products or ideas, they forge a new path to achieve an outcome nobody could have predicted. In order to build the final naturally aspirated supercar, the LF-A was in development for a decade. The result was and is one of the best cars of all time.

Just as dynamic as that carbon fiber chassis, the LF-Z is the first electric to mount the battery longitudinally inside the car's backbone. Not only does it center the car's mass low in the body, it also keep the center of rotation (Z-axis) close to the center of the car. This offers incredible handling, but they took it a step even further.

DIRECT4 is a new take on AWD, where each motor brakes or applies torque independently. Their common goal is to provide a smooth ride and negate body roll, and they do that at each corner to optimize driving forces. The concept foreshadows technologies and styling we will see starting this year with two new production cars, so tell us your thoughts on the LF-Z Electrified and stay with us for all your Lexus news.

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