Daniel Ricciardo is more than ready for race weekend.

As we approach the iconic Monaco F1 race, McLaren F1 team driver Daniel Ricciardo continues to study the urban track. In his most recent YouTube video in presented by GoPro, Daniel takes out his personal light blue McLaren 675LT to break down the circuit turn by turn. The excitement on Daniel’s face is priceless as he explains the secrecy behind the supercar while raced with a competing manufacturer. With Daniel’s new role as a driver for McLaren, he’s able to enjoy the milestone supercar without conflict. Throughout the video, race enthusiasts get a small taste of what goes through an F1 drivers’ mind while traveling at high speeds through the tight streets of Monaco. If the beginning of race week in Monaco begins with Daniel Ricciardo unveiling his personal McLaren 675LT, we cannot wait to see what the weekend has to offer.

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