Desiigner enjoys a day on six wheels.

Apocalypse 6x6's creations have been catching the eyes of so many people around the globe so it makes sense that celebrities would see them as well. One such celebrity is Desiigner who checked out the brutal Hellfire 6x6. Apocalypse 6x6 posted a gallery of their time with the famous rapper on their Instagram. The Hellfire 6x6 that's photographed is a mean machine. Powered by a twin-turbo diesel engine that pushed out 500 lb-ft of torque, this six-wheel off-roader is ready for anything. It also features a quarter-inch-thick full steel face bumper that houses a 9,500 lbs winch, high-output LEDs, quarter-inch-thick full steel windshield armor, marine-grade hand-stitched leather interior and so much more.

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