Presented by Ferrari Lake Forest - This specific 360 is one of the rarest and most desirable 360 Modena’s produced.  In addition to being equipped with a manual six-speed transmission, it was also optioned with a factory pop-out sunroof. It is believed that only 25 cars worldwide were fitted with this option and of those only 12 were released in the US market.  The manual removable section works like a GTS body style and adds almost no additional weight so the center of gravity won’t be affected. The detachable sunroof stores neatly behind the seats. With less than 23,550 miles, this unique 360  would make an exquisite addition to any collection.  

The 360 Modena was a clean-sheet design that foretold future trends for Ferrari road cars. The design called for seemingly contrasting objectives, lower weight combined with greater chassis rigidity. The engineers in Maranello were able to achieve such success by employing innovative construction technology.  

The 360 Modena was the first production Ferrari to be constructed entirely out of aluminum. The car's body shell, chassis, and suspension wishbones were all made from lightweight material. Aluminum allowed engineers to achieve the best overall performance and handling in a mid-engined Ferrari at the time. The  Chassis was designed and built in collaboration with Alcoa. The partnership allowed for a structure to be built that was 40% stronger in structural rigidity and  28% lighter, compared to the model's predecessor, the 355. The suspension mounting points are one-piece casting and the chassis was assembled on the same technique used for the F50, a CNC workstation.  

The styling was the 163rd Ferrari to be penned by Pininfarina. It combines elements of classic Ferraris, such as the 250LM, 268SP, and Dino. Like the 488 and many other modern Ferrari models today, the 360 Modena was the first Ferrari to show the ventrally mounted V8 engine under a glass cover.