Now that's a proper celly.

After scoring a goal, many football/soccer stars celebrate on the pitch in many different ways. For Juventus striker Paulo Dybala, he's celebrating his 100th goal with the club off of the pitch with a new Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster. Dybala had this to say regarding his new acquisition: "With the Aventador, it was love at first sight. I waited a few years before buying it, but now it’s very humbling, an honor and a privilege to be able to own one." His example is finished in New Giallo Orion and has a Nero Ade interior with Giallo Ade stitching. When it comes to the color choice, Dybala said this: “A Lamborghini has to be yellow. I love how impactful it looks and I can perfectly identify with it: it’s young and prompts strong emotions, both while simply looking at it and while driving it.”

Congratulations are in order for Dybala on both his 100th goal and his new supercar.

Source: Lamborghini