Light, strong, stylish, you can have it all!

A few decades ago, two Mercedes-Benz engineers decided to go racing. Mr. A & Mr. G saw the defiiciencies in production wheels, so new rolling stock was one of the first upgrades offered by AMG. Now that their aftermarket shop is fully integrated into the parent company, our dealers offer several upgrade sets for your car.

The latest episode of Inside AMG shows the world how beautiful forged aluminum can be. Even their cast wheels are lighter than aftermarket options, and having less un-sprung weight offers much more comfort and grip. The cast ones are flow-formed while hot, a process that tempers the alloy while reducing the wall thickness. Black, silver, machined, there are several finishes and designs to choose from, so click the button to learn more from our dealers and stay with us for all your AMG news.

Image (C) Daimler