Going sideways has never looked this good!

Elias and Johannes Hountondji are determined to dominate the Drift Masters European Championship, and that's why BMW M has joined forces with Red Bull Driftbrothers for the 2021 season. Because every M4 Competition is built with motorsports in-mind, the team was able to forego much of the fabrication necessary to achieve a solid starting point.

Their new sponsor offered straight-six power from the M4 GT3, with 510 reliable horsepower. Testing revealed it offers consistent oil pressure even past 1.5G, so much of the custom work revolved around keeping it cool for long periods of high rpm.

Johannes said: "I have never seen an engine like the one in the BMW M4 Competition, a more or less thoroughbred racing engine in a road-legal vehicle." Back in 2017 they cliched 1st and 2nd place, and they have placed in the top spots since then. If you want to see what gives them such an advantage, the M4 Competition is the ultimate driving machine.

Image (C) BMW