Christian makes his father proud

Jesko von Koenigsegg taught his son to think outside the box, and it has allowed them to build the world's most amazing hypercars. These gorgeous machines make use of their Freevalve technology, integrated into their 5-liter V8. It offers 1,281 horsepower and 1,106 lb-ft of torque.

What really sets the Jesko apart from every other car is the LST. Dual-clutch transmissions cant compare to the Light Speed Transmission. It uses compound clutches to offer 9 gear ratios while being smaller and lighter than their 7-speed. Blistering shifts are accompanied by instant turbo spooling, thanks to having a 20-liter tank of compressed air. An onboard compressor stores 290 psi, ready to be injected to the turbos when they need to spin up. The details of the Jesko will take your breath away, so click the button and stay with us for all your Koenigsegg news.

Image and film (C) Koenigsegg