Seven years ago the Hennessey Venom GT set the production car top speed record at 270.49 miles per hour. Since then, the team has been able to design and build a new American supercar from scratch, and that is why our friend John Hennessey has big plans for the Venom F5.

He has been a fixture in our magazine since the early days, starting with Viper builds in his parents' garage. Now, thanks to Shell & Pennzoil, the Venom F5 is capable of 300 mph. After a long series of tests this year, John says he is going for 500 kph, or 310.6 mph. To do this, they commissioned a unique twin-turbo V8 that offers 1,817 horsepower. We will be covering every detail of this mean machine as testing progresses, so click the button below to see what they offer for your daily driver.