Twin Turbos, V8, and designo leather? Yes Please!

No matter what the weather might be in the Netherlands, the team at AutoTopNL never fail to flog the world's best cars on the Autobahn. Mercedes, AMG, and Maybach have been building comfortable, powerful luxury cars since before your Grandparents were in High School, and their latest offerings are truly breathtaking. Yesterday we told you what you needed to drive the E63 S Estate Wagon, and today we turn our attention to the most powerful version of the GLS 63.

They are so safe and smooth that we ordered one for Tiger Woods, a Mother's Day gift from a loving son. If you are curious, it offers 627 lbs of torque to all wheels, along with 603 horsepower. It is strong enough to pull a fast-food restaurant off its foundation, or a quick grocery run. Our dealer have incredible leasing options, so click the button and stay with us for all your Autobahn action!

Image (C) Daimler