We've waited a long time to see the Professor in his newest creation, so we're glad to share Gordon Murray's test drives in his new T.50 prototype. This example hit YouTube yesterday along with a concise press release. The man responsible for Brabham's best racing cars, you might have heard of his work with McLaren. Lessons learned on the track and an eye for detail is how he created the McLaren F1.

This car is the second round of prototypes known as XP2. Cosworth engineers were on-hand to ensure their 12,100 RPM beast was ready for the real world. Essentially a de-tuned race motor, it has a 3,000 rpm limit imposed during break-in. Nevertheless, Professor Murray strapped into the center seat for a shakedown. Weight is his enemy, so the engine does without blowers or turbos and it is also the cornerstone of the rear suspension. A manual transmission, 663 horsepower and a curb weight of 2,173 lbs is a recipe for a potent hypercar, so stay with us for more updates from Gordon Murray Automotive.

Images (C) Gordon Murray Automotive