Enzo Ferrari said it is "The most beautiful car ever made" and that should be why you should buy a Jaguar E-Type. If that statement doesn't inspire you, take a minute with us to consider what makes them so loved. When they arrived in 1961, Americans weren't used to reaching 150 mph. The sleek bodies cut through the air while also hiding incredible technology from view. Better known as the XKE on this side of the pond, it introduced the masses to independent rear suspension two years before Corvette adopted it.

Those who haven't experienced one are quick to note how comfortable and capable they are. A big reason for this is very low un-sprung weight. One of the first sports cars with disc brakes, they are mounted inboard, next to the differential. Because they were built until 1975, parts are cheap and there is incredible camaraderie among owners around the world. You won't find a car that looks this amazing at such an affordable price, so click the button to see what we mean.

Image (C) Jaguar Land Rover