The latest Ferrari flagship doesn't disappoint!

When their F1 team began toying with hybrid energy storage, it led to the amazing LaFerrari. This hybrid hypercar led to the FXX Evo, and even more electric power. Now using the latest in battery technology, you can have almost 16 miles of silent cruising from the SF90 Stradale. They also handle reverse, so that freed up room inside the transmission for more cooling capacity. Let's see if it's worthy of Jay Leno's collection.

Mine will hopefully arrive with the Fiorano Performance Package that rockets you to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Because it is an EV, its the first Ferrari to not have a Gas Guzzler tax. And since it is electric, the IRS will take $4,126 off of your Income Tax liabilities. Not bad for a base price of only $512,800. For that, you will have 986 horsepower and an 8 kWh battery. Running silent errands or sneaking in after a late night are now much easier thanks to clever engineering and amazing style. Click the button to order yours!