Aside from great looks and a catchy name, allow us to explain why you should buy a McLaren Artura. Staying ahead of the world in street-legal technology, we have to applaud the brand for offering every technical detail of their new supercar. We now live in an age where hybrid technology is very potent. I have driven the McLaren P1, LaFerrari, and the Porsche 918; and they simply make more power than you could ever use on the street.

That's why this new V6 makes so much sense. Separating the cylinder heads by 120 degrees essentially flattens the engine, keeping weight very low in the chassis. It also a six cylinders at 120 degree also makes it perfectly balanced. The latest in battery technology offers nearly 20 miles of electric cruising, and 50 mpg. More than just offering an amazing car, it is backed by a 10 year body warranty, 6 year battery, and 5 years of roadside.

The cherry on top is that the most popular options are no-cost. The Practicality Pack combines front lift, power heated mirrors, park assist, and soft close. Android and CarPlay are also standard, all for $225,000. Competitors are hard at work trying to get their six-cylinder supercars to make sense, but they won't be nearly this affordable. Tell us what you think of the Artura in the comments below.

Images (C) McLaren Automotive